Lapsele alustuseks kohe uued trikisuusad? Muidugi, nende 97cm pikkuste mäesuuskadega saab ta kõike teha, hind koos sidemetega,  mis sobivad hiljem ka kiirelt reguleerides igale mäesuusasaapale. Nendega on sama lõbus nii 110cm kui ka 130cm pikkusel suusatajal.

The new Souphead SLR 2 skis will be your child´s favorite, because they can move easily and fun. With these skis, the little ones at home will learn to ski in a very short time. It is definitely all you need to turn your child into the future professional skier you want so much.

Thanks to the Souphead SLR 2, your children will enter the world of freestyle and amusement parks. The TwinTip construction ensures that children have a good time skiing in all directions on the track. The structured surface and sturdy base will withstand any tricks your little ones throw at them. What do you expect to give them the best gift of your life? The Souphead SLR II is a fun pocket rocker for kids who are out to enjoy the mountain. A Twintip Construction means that it can be ridden which ever way a kid finds the funnest, while a Structured top and tough base make it last out the abuse only a junior skier can throw at it.