Mäesuusad Head Shape VX-R. Aaastate jooksul kõigi alg- ja kesktaseme suusatajate lemmiksuusk. Selle sama suusaprofiili rendimudeliga oleme siit Rendikeskusest sind juba aastaid mäele saatnud. Seega kui otsid nüüd päris enda suusapaari, siis tule neile järgi. Hind koos kindlate Tyrolian SP10 sidemetega, kuhu sobib iga saabas nagu valatult sisse.

Eelmise 22/23 hooaja vähekasutatud rendisuusad kohe olemas enamlevinud pikkustes: 130cm, 150cm, 160cm

  • V-SHAPED STRUCTURE The V-shaped structure, from which they are named, has a tail in a narrower proportion than the spatula. This favors the entry of curves and allows, in closing, to slide more easily. These features will allow you a progressive and fun improvement.
  • VERSATILE. Shape VX skis ensure maximum control in all conditions and on all types of terrain, allowing you to refine your technique.
  • PERMISSIVE AND PERFORMING GEOMETRIES. The Era 2.0 design of these Head skis is specifically designed to adapt to any type of terrain and skill level, to ensure the best buoyancy, stability and grip in any situation.
  • It’s the design that makes the Shape VX so special. Its larger bucket gives you more torque right from the start. With it you succeed in dynamic curves after a short time. Its longer edge causes more smoothness and control. Thus, with each further walking attempt, your self-confidence increases. Even for newcomers, the Shape VX is the perfect choice.