Mäesuusad Fischer RC One Lite 73+RS9 SLR 145cm




Naistele mõeldud ilusad ja kerged mäesuusad Fischer RC One Lite 73 koos kiirelt reguleeritavate RS9 SLR sidemetega. Suusad on mõeldud kesktaseme suusatajale. Sidemed sobivad igale enimlevinud saapamudelile.

Saadaval pikkuses: 145 cm

Reaching A New Level Of Lightness, The Rs9 Gw Offers Improved Weight Distribution And Full Gripwalk Compatibility. One Of The Lightest Adult Ski Bindings On The Market, The Rs 9 Gw Offers Highly Efficient And Agile Skiing Performance. The Advantage: Less Fatigue, Easier Turning, Exceptional Performance And More Fun Skiing. Light As A Feather, It Makes Your Ski Days Longer And More Enjoyable. Your Strength Will Last Longer, And You´ll Be Able To Ski More Runs And Ski Them More Intensely Than Ever Before. Your Muscles Won´t Fatigue As Quickly And You´ll Rack Up The Kilometres On Slope Effortlessly. The Slr Pro Base Ensures Your Continuous Improvement. It Does Make A Difference When You Adopt A Better Posture On Your Skis, Distribute Pressure More Effectively And Your Skis Turn More Easily. They Are Definitely Worth A Try, You´ll Never Want Another Ski Binding. In Combination With The Sxl Heel, This Binding Is Significantly Lighter And Offers A Din Adjustment Range Of 2.5-9. Our Slr Bindings Can Be Mounted On All Skis With Pre-Mounted Slr Base.